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Welcome to the (unofficial) home of Ludamus Theatre Company

Hello and welcome to the Unofficial Ludamus Website. Ludamus is a theatre company operating in the Milton Keynes area, putting on performances once or twice a year for the general public. Here you will find a little bit about who we are and where we are, as well as our past work and present work.

Pick of the Moment

Jews & Mexicans

This is note one to show your mother. Your parents in fact. This isn't a site you should visit using a public computer. In fact, you probably shouldn't visit it at all. The music has an attractive rocky-esque style to it, but the lyrics were born straight from Mary Whitehouse's own personal hell.


We're not the only Ludamus theatre company it seems.
Monkey Kettle
A Milton Keynes counter culture waiting for a culture.
The Russelling
A curious little cartoon strip from our very own Kit Bowman.
Childrens Scrapstore
Without whom we'd never have a set.

Zombies DVD now available!


A DVD of Zombies: The Musical is now available. Check out the forum for details.


Ludamus Shop now open!


I am very pleased to announce that the new Ludamus Shop is now open for business! To visit justclick on "Shop" at the top of any page. We have a range of products currently available, from t-shirts to baseballs caps. I highly recommend the white-on-black Ludamus scroll t-shirts. They printed with a superb quality velvety flock finish on a high quality cotton t-shirt. Other designs may follow, but this will remain the classic LD t-shirt. The only thing you need to decide is exactly what sort of shirt you want it on.

I've put some notes about postage and sizes and stuff on the shop page, but I'd like to raise one point to make it clear. Everything purchased through the shop will generate a small amount of profit, which effectively goes straight to me. It won't go to Ludamus, it won't go to the production budget. It will however go towards maintaining the website and forum, and the moderators and I have some big plans for the future.

In the meantime, I hope you like the shop.


Life after Death after Life


Well, Zombies is over. It was a stonking production which I enjoyed emmensely. Not only was it a great piece of original theatre, but it proved several things beyond a shadow of a doubt:
You can make a musical about a zombie acopocalpse.
You can build a life-size helicopter and have it on stage.
You can put on a musical with a cast which cannot sing.

Well done everyone.


Zombies: The Script


In an unprecedented move we have released a copy of the script for Zombies: The Musical online. We did this so that you could get a look at it before it gets to the printers. However, the official up-to-the-minute script has already changed - and will probably continue to do so right up until production week - so this is not the final version.

Needless to say, this is a massive spoiler, and anyone who wants the play to be a surprise should not read it. This is only for LD members, and anyone who wants to access the online copy should send me a Private Message or e-mail me at


And the play is called ...


ZOMBIES: The Musical

"A Night of the singing dead"
"Things to do in Detention when you're dead"

We think "ZOMBIES: The Musical" does exactly what it says on the tin whilst also working with the overall style of the writing. However what sold us was the inclusion of two posters, one with the "detention" tag line the other with the "night of..."


Zombies: Production dates


The production week for this years production, currently with the working title "Zombies", is Sunday 10th until Sunday 17th July 2005, which means that performances will be on from Thursday 14th to Saturday 16th July.


New Forum


Huzzah! I've re-designed the look of the LD website. "Why?", you may ask. Well, to bring it in line with the look of the new forum! It totally replacing the old message board, so why not go and have a look?

The site has moved around a bit but i can assure you that everything is still here. The main links are now at the top of the page, not down the side, and the message board link has been replaced with the new forum.

If you have any problems with the forum, or the website in general, please e-mail me at: And, as always, any material for the website would be greatly appreciated!



New Website


Well here we have a great product of democracy. People prodded, people poked and people complained. If they'd been given a vote they would have used it and the result would have been known from the outset. Ignoring rampant voter apathy it would have been a resounding call for the Unofficial Ludamus Website to be updated.

So I've done it.

Yes indeed here is the new website. I haven't yet transferred everything from the old site to this one, but I'm piecing it together slowly. We've got something up for just about every major production to date, including The Block and The Wire, with one noteable exception: Papnuwenwe.

"But we wanted more content. New content!!!", you cry. Be patient my friends. It shall come in time. You wouldn't beat me to death with a soggy kipper in the meantime, would you? Remember, we live in a peaceful society.